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We Raise Funds To Assist Water Projects in Africa

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The Problem - Water

Over 2.3 billion people in the world live without access to sufficient water. Everday millions suffer from a lack of access to clean, safe and sanitised water. Large percentages of school children become enslaved and trapped in poverty.

1 in 9 people have no access to clean drinking water. We want to make that 9 out of 9! Without water you cannot grow food, stay healthy, receive adaquate education, work or build homes or schools. The knock on effect is staggering.

Children can end up walking for miles each and every day in the hope to find water in dirty streams and ponds which are full of water-borne diseases that brings a plethora of illnesses and ailments to both them and their families. Water is key to life!

The problem of water scarcity is real and it's something that we don't see or experience in the west. Exorium wants to highlight this and bring this project to a brand new market, the cryptocurrency world. We want to help poverty=stricken regions and transform them into vibrant, healthy and productive communities for many years to come.

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Clean Water Access

Over 1.5 billion people do not have access to clean, safe water

Water Proximity

On average, women in Africa have to walk 3.7 miles to collect water

Source of Sickness

80% of all illness in Africa come from water born diseases

A Single Dollar

1 dollar can provide clean water for a child in Africa for a year

Hospital Beds

Half of the worlds hospital beds are taken up with water related illnesses


90% of wastewater in developing countries is discharged into rivers and stream

The Solution - Funding


Exorium wants to assist relaible water projects with the means to build solutions that address the water crisis experienced by millions in the sub-saharan regions of Africa. These solutions will provide access to clean, safe and healthy drinking and washing water which will transform communities at their very core. 

Initiatives such as the Water Project, Water for Life and Charity Water partner with local teams in specific communities and build new wells, rehab neglected wells, construct rain catchment tanks, protect springs and install sand dams where appropiate. They also construct safe and clean latrines which are significantly lacking in these regions. 

These projects are long term developments and technologies that not only sustain life in these regions but develop and expand it. The knock on affect is significant to say the least. A community that has access to clean water can enjoy increased health benefits, more food, cleaner sanitation, better education, less child labour and a host of other community building benefits.

Exorium EXM Tokens

Exorium Tokens were created on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum itself is a smart contract digital platform, is very stable and has been operating since mid 2015. Exorium chose to create EXM on the Ethereum platform due to it's already existing technology features such as; security, stability, privacy and transaction speed. Ethereum tokens are easy to list and they are welcomed by numerous well- respected exchanges which provide a very flexible and opportunitisic future for Exorium.

EXM Token Distribution

Exorium has a total distribution of 20 million tokens and will be allocated in the following manner:


Price: 2200 Satoshis

How The Exorium Projects Works

Access To Clean Water Improves...

Education - Elimination of child labor searching for water and carrying it for miles daily. These children can now be schooled without interruption, access safe latrines and girls are the most affected here.

Health - Safe water, clean hands and healthy bodies. Significant reduction in sickness which means a more engaged and healthier community and more equipped to pull themselves out of poverty.

Hunger - Access to clean water leads to food security. Less crop loss means reduced hunger. Schools can grow their own produce to feed students thereby reducing costs.

Poverty - Water access breaks the cycle of poverty, people are healthier, food is more availbale and consistent and there is more creativity and energy and people to reduce poverty within communities.

Business - Clean water means better crops, better health to farm and more productive ground to grow raw materials to set up manufacturing businesses and bespoke community services.

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Our Roadmap

Exorium aims to work with many projects and some projects can take months to be developed and constructed and depending on the size of the communities, it can even take up to a year. We plan on working with as many projects as we can and this may go on for several years. To keep things simple we will map out our first year and release our second year operational roadmap in January 2021, a few months before the second year from launch commences.

  • November 2019
    Map out initial Exorium concept, working elements and create promotional page
  • December 2019
    Complete promotional page, Begin working on Exorium Whitepaper
  • January 2020
    Make contacts with Various Water Projects, plan projects documents
  • February 2020
    Make changes to website, create token and establish true domain names
  • March 2020
    Finalize Exorium concept, mission and plan, recruit national ambassadors and create team
  • April 2020
    Publish updated Whitepaper 2.0, train recruited ambassadors, Establish token exchanges
  • May 2020
    Collaboaration with African local water projects, commence Water Project donations and ambassador promotions
  • June 2020
    Blueprint creation for EXM POS crypto coin, Wallet design and additional exchange partnerships
  • July 2020
    Establish African's first EXM Merchant Academy
  • August 2020
    Create EXM first merchants webstore, expand ambassador and area rep class
  • September 2020
    Expand local water projects and related operations, additional EXM exchange listing
  • October 2020
    Launch POS coin beta and QT wallet

Exorium Team

The Exorium team are a group of people who decided to fund raise to help water projects all over Africa. Having worked in the cryptocurrency, IT, Childcare and fundraising industries collectively, the team behind Exorium dedicded it was time to focus a project specifically targeting the welfare and health of young and old people in Africa and the best project type was water for many reasons.

  • Brian Carroll

  • William Baker
    Project Manager

  • Peter Bradley

  • Armando Farpa
    Community Manager

  • Jasmine Dunne
    Marketing Advisor

Frequenty Asked Questions

If you do not see a question answered below that you would like to see answered please send us an email to contact@exoriumproject.com and we will be happy to place it here.

Exorium helps raise funds for humanitarian projects specifically based on the African continent. We invite people to participate from all over the world, as a thank you we gift you our very own cryptocurrency called EXM. EXM is an ERC20 token on the ETH blockchain. The token can be purchased separately on its own without any contribution to any of our water projects for the same price also.
The Exorium team are a group of people who decided to fund raise to help water projects all over Africa. Having worked in the cryptocurrency, IT, Childcare and fundraising industries collectively, the team behind Exorium dedicded it was time to focus a project specifically targeting the welfare and health of young and old people in Africa and the best project type was water for many reasons.
EXM is an ERC-20 token on the ETH blockchain. It's a very efficient, secure and easy to exchange Ethereum based token. EXM is built upon a robust and stable cryptocurrency platform that has been in operation since mid 2015. EXM can be purchased on multiple exchanges as the project platform grows.
Exorium raises funds for projects such as The Water Project, Water For Life and Charity Water Partners, who carry out water projects in several countries within Africa. They do fantastic work and we are delighted that we can assist them in their community-targeted work. Exorium will also be sponsoring more localised water projects too, ones that our ambassadors will be spearheading. These will be smaller populated communities and villages that require clean drinking water and related services.
Yes absolutely. You can purchase EXM through our website or any exchanges we list on our website. We have plans through our ambassadors and representatives to spread the word about Exorium. This will include finding merchants that accept EXM, communities in need of our assistance, people and organisations that want to get involved with us on many levels and of course our own web-store coming later this year along with our POS coin. There will be operations behind the token to raise it's profile and potentially the price also.
These are selected individuals from African countries that have expressed their desire to get heavily involved with what we are doing. They have been selected from a series of qualifier levels that separates those who are committed to our cause and who are not. Exorium Ambassadors may have representatives operating under them also and everybody is larely responsible for acquiring merchants, promoting Exorium through talks, conferences and community awareness and requirements. They will represent Exorium on the groud and will be a go-to-contact for those within that country or around it. We place a lot of respect on our ambassadors as they carry the help we want to give to people who not only who need it but deserve it.
EXM tokens can be purchased on their own or gifted as a thank you for assisting our water projects. We have plans for these tokens to be used in our future based webstore, POS coin launch later in the year. We are also working towards the EXM token being accepted as a payment method in several African countries for various goods and services. However you get your tokens, you can grow with Exorium and you'll be able to find suitable ways and means to spend it. Alternatively you can re-sell them again dependent on price at some profitable time in the future if that scenario appears.
You can get involved with Exorium in many ways. You can purchase tokens from us by visiting this site or accessing the fundraising purchase option. You can also join our social media platforms all linked in the footer of this website to see what we are doing and stay up-to-date with our communications. If you are interested in joining our team to help us with our operations please email us at contact@exoriumproject.com Thank you!

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