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The World's First Humanitarian Crypto Multi-Project

We partner with a different donations project every year for 5 years and donate what we can! Through the power of community, engagement and crypto we want to save millions of lives in the process.

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Tokens left to purchase in 2020: 179.99 Billion out of 200 Billion

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The world's first humanitarian token-reward quiz platform has just arrived!

Learn, Help Save Lives & Get Free Cryptocurrency

Starting a movement is never an easy task... but we at Exorium believe we can do just that. There are thousands of coins, tokens and programmes out there in the cryptosphere and some with amazing applications, however the masses don't understand them... and after all, are they really actually making a diffrence in people's lives?

We want to change that here at Exorium and create a knowledge based learning system with EXM token rewards, mutliple project donation objectives and create a lasting expansive community of like-minded crypto and humanitarian enthusiasts. The projects we want to help will be in the water, education, technology, agriculture and medicine categories. We will be helping those who are not a position to improve their lives. We believe we can make a huge difference!

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Fun Activities

Members can join and take free quizes daily to earn FREE EXM!


Join for free, get rewarded for free and refer for free to get even more free rewards!

Global Community

Help us build a global movement, pocket EXM tokens, raise the price and save lives doing it!

Increase Learning

Our quizes are all about cryptocurrency, global issues and solutions!

EXM Token

This is a Waves Platform token exchangeable on the Waves DEX so it has value!

Exciting Roadmap

Our future vision is nothing short of life-changing for people, see below!

EXM Token

EXM is a fast, decentralised and open network token launched specifically for Exorium on the Waves Platform. It's unique token solid architecture makes it very easy and efficient to transfer and exchange. The token is just a token, the nature of the project is what's key here and the Waves token will serve what we are aiming to do here perfectly. 

Below is the current total token supply and to the right is the breakdown of intended token distribution for years 1-5. Tokens that are not sold at the end of the project year will be burned. The Exorium project will operate over a five year period covering a series of projects that are in dire need to assistance. This will ensure that this opportunity will last for many years to come. 

This token was designed to help the less priviliged in this world. If we have a home, food and clothing to wake up to every day, we need to be super grateful because others are not so fortunate.


Total Distrbution: 1 Trillion EXM (1,000,000,000,000) 

Annual Distribution Breakdown For Years 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 

How It Works

The Exorium opportunity is very simple to follow. Each year for the 5 years, we will have 10% tokens to give away as quiz rewards, matching donations or upgrades. When these 20 billion tokens are exhausted there will be no more give out until the next project year starts where the number will reset again to 20 billion tokens. Depending on what level you are, you will be rewarded EXM token that may or may not increase in value. If the value increases of these tokens due to the project structure, proo of work completed or significantly large community, then token holders can sell them if they wish on the Waves platform or other exchanges when we get added to them.

If the token does not increase in value, then you will have helped Exorium increase in membership and helped Exorium donate EXM to these much needed yearly projects. Either way whatever contribution you give it will have a positive benefit regardless. Below is the graphical illustration of how this will all work.


Exorium Project Stats

We are growing and we want to make this a large community of honest, ethical and generous people who want to help others improve their lives and do it for free! We want to make a difference by saving lives and improving the qulaity of millions across the developing world. This is why we are heavily invested in projects such as the Water Project, Medicines Africa and Farming For Life. We can all make a difference, see how we are growing below!

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    Global Members

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    BTC Donated

  • 100,000,000

    EXM Donated

Community Projects

Exorium Roadmap

Exorium has a five year plan! Each year brings with it a new project but we will apply the same Exorium structure to each of the projects. Below is a breakdown of year 1 and a general overview of subsequent years. Each project will have it's own monthly milestones to reach and a large community and support can make all this happen.

Exorium Set Up & Beta

  • November 2019
    Map out initial Exorium concept, working elements and create promotional page
  • December 2019
    Break down token, quiz and community projects for back end integration
  • January 2020
    Complete promotional page, fine tune and test back end elements, launch 90-Day IEO
  • February 2020
    Assemble Global Ambassadors, launch Beta phase of Exorium & limited token sale launch

Year 1 Project: The Water Project

  • February 2020
    Reach first 1000 Members and assist first Water Projects in Kenya
  • March 2020
    Exorium Ambassador Circle launch with EXM Merchant discovery
  • April 2020
    Water project recognition reports, platform upgrade and membership promotional tools
  • May 2020
    Reach 5000 members, EXM token Exchanges, Water Project donor status recognition
  • June 2020
    Exorium token merchant international listings, African water project expansion
  • July 2020
    Reach 10K global members, quiz platform updates, wallet and token security upgrades
  • August 2020
    Approved partnerships with Water Project communities and membership site upgrades
  • September 2020
    Reach 20K global members, Water Project Expansion from Sub-Saharan regions
  • October 2020
    Community Water Challenge Planning & Education, Donations Allocated
  • November 2020
    Exorium Water For Life T-shirts production and Ambassador distibution
  • December 2020
    25k membership, quiz platform upgrade and additional EXM exchange
  • January 2021
    Exorium Merchant expansion and multi-platform promotional releases

Annual project roadmaps will be released two months prior to starting.

Exorium Team

Our current core team is made up Brian, the CEO, William our project manager and Armando our community manager. As our team grows we will add their profiles and social links to this section. We started the idea of Exorium back at the start of 2019. As the months went by we got more ideas on how to develop it and so we officially kicked it off in October 2019. Exorium has now culminated into what all of us here have been working for, to give back to humanity and to make an invaluable difference in the lives of others who we share with planet with.


  • Brian Carroll

  • William Baker
    Project Manager

  • Armando Farpa
    Community Manager

Ambassadors/Representatives Hanbook

Frequenty Asked Questions

If you do not see a question answered below that you would like to see answered please send us an email to contact@exorium.xyz and we will be happy to place it here.

Exorium is a humanitarian based cryptocurrency learning rewards platform. Users can gain knowledge, through the use of quizes, on cryptocurrency and third world problems and their proposed solutions. Exorium rewards users for correct answers and donates EXM tokens and Bitcoin to African projects that desperately require funding.
Exorium is composed of a group of philantropists, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and designers who teamed up together to make an impact on a selection of African based charitable projects. Our core team information is based on our website.
EXM is the Exorium Token name or ticker. It's a very efficient, stable, secure and easy to exchange Waves platform token. EXM can be purchased and sold on the Waves DEX. We use this type of token because all we need is a stable, workable token of exchange since the project scope is our focus and not the token per se as we have no tech attached to it.
We match 100% of all EXM tokens rewarded to members for taking our daily quiz's. These EXM tokens are put into an EXM wallet to be donated to one of several community projects we are currently working with in Africa. As donations are sent, all amounts and work completed will be public to all members on our site. We are also giving 50% of all monthly incomings from upgrades also and 50% of any tokens sold to raise money for ongoing expenses and administration. All donations will either be sent as EXM tokens or Bitcoin/ETH as organisations accept cryptocurrency.
Yes, we offer 10,000, 5,000 and 2,500 EXM tokens every week to the top three individuals who have the most referrals and the same also for the top three individuals who answered the most questions correctly. So first prize is 10,000 EXM, second prize is 5,000 EXM and third prize will be 2,500 EXM.
These are Exorium representatives from individual countries who work to expand the vision and opportunity within their regions. This would include identifying EXM merchants, increasing memberships and bringing communities together so that everybody can benefit from the platform. Only one Ambassador per country is allowed so our qualification process would be somewhat strict. To find out more please see our Ambassador document on our website.
There are two main benefits to purchasing EXM tokens and some potential ones coming later in the third quarter of the first project year. When you get EXM tokens for free you help increase the EXM Donations wallets due to our 100% match policy. You also are in with the chance to sell your tokens if the token increases in enough value for you to sell. When we bring our merchandise towards the latter end of the first project year, you can use your EXM to purchase products from the store. If you purchase EXM tokens you immediately assist our BTC/ETH donations wallet which leads to faster more instand donations to the current project. The possibility of selling them will always be valid or using them to purchase other products in due time as the community grows.
Simply pre-register at our site and refer some people to get the most EXM you can once we hit the beta phase. You will also be able to keep updated too as to what is happening and the work being done leading up to the Beta launch.

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Email: contact@exorium.xyz